Threads of Enlightenment

My interview with Trish Bishop

November 23, 2021 Hosted by Ken Primus/Trish Bishop Season 2 Episode 45
Threads of Enlightenment
My interview with Trish Bishop
Show Notes

I interviewed Trish Bishop.  Trish is an author, an IT professional, and much more.  She helped launch the first Internet Service Provider(ISP) in Canada that was also the first to go public.  After being diagnosed with Scleroderma in 1998, Trish refused all medications and began an incredible journey to reclaim her health, and ultimately her life, facing her fear of death and walking a path to discover her truth. 

Trish is now an Energy Integration Coach helping leaders create massive transformation by learning to read and interpret energetic information. She authored the book entitled "The Question Journey", a powerful book of questions that most people want to avoid because they know these questions will mean change!  Trish currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her husband and has 2 amazing children who have now flown the coop!  Her passion is to help people discover and own their power!
Trish has developed 6 high-performance teams throughout her career. She credits her success to 2 things:
1. Her leadership philosophy, "True power comes from empowering others" ~Denis Waitley, and
2. Her ability to read and interpret energetic information (call it intuition, gut instinct, spidey sense, it's all the same thing!)

Trish's mission is to heal our corporate work environments one leader at a time.

I encourage everyone to follow her and be transformed through her insights and buy her book and give it as Christmas presents.

Everyone has a story, and this is her story.

Below are the sites that house her work.

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