Threads of Enlightenment

My interview with Aurora Meneghello

November 09, 2021 Hosted by Ken Primus/Aurora Meneghello Season 2 Episode 42
Threads of Enlightenment
My interview with Aurora Meneghello
Show Notes

I interviewed Aurora Meneghello.  Aurora is a  Transformative Coach, Blogger, Public Speaker,  moderator, publisher at Glassdoor Blog, and many other publications, the Founder of Repurpose Your Purpose a program to help people change careers by using what they already know to do something new.  She supports others by working with individuals and groups looking to live a life of purpose and grow into their full potential by awakening their own innate wellbeing and potential.  Aurora believes that no matter where you are in your journey, there is inside of you a deep Source of wellbeing and healing.   She has immersed herself in years of practice and studies on how to regain and deepen one's awareness of this Source so that they can feel at peace within themself and at home in the world.  She stated, "When you connect to that inner Source and take powerful action, your life transforms, often in unexpected ways".   Aurora utilizes the  Three Principles as shared by Sydney Banks.  Her work is based on Principles based on truly understanding the Principles at a real (not intellectual) level, so that your inner self-healing kicks in.

I encourage everyone to get into her private sessions, and online classes,  workshops, follow her and learn.
Everyone has a story, and this is her story.

Below are the sites that house her work.

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